Thursday, January 6, 2011

Let's have a contest!

I am jumping on the contest bandwagon that seems to run rampant in the blogging world.
Why not. It's fun right! 

I make name pages for the kiddos in my life. 
They are simple and obviously geared towards beginner writers. 
When printed they fill a standard size piece of paper.
I can create these in the above font or D'Nealian. 
I like to laminate them so they last a long time. 
You can use Dry Erase Crayons or Markers to practice writing. 
Personally I like the crayons. 

How do I enter?
Follow me and let me know in the comments that you did!
If you already follow me, let me know by leaving a comment.
Don't leave your child's name in the comments. 
I will contact you, so make sure you leave a way for me to do that.
If I can click on your name and find your e-mail, that will do.

How many winners?
I don't know. 
I fully expect about three people to leave me a comment. 
So if under five people leave a comment everyone wins.
If over five people comment I will pick five winners at random. 
By random I mean I will write them all down and let my kiddos pick them out of a hat.

What happens if I win?
I will contact you via e-mail to find out what name and font you would like. 
I will then create the file in PDF.
I will e-mail you a link to download the file.
You have to print it yourself and laminate it yourself.
Sorry maybe my next contest I will do that.

When does this end?
I hate to drag it out too long. 
Let's say it will end Sunday, January 9, 2011 at 7:00 PM. 
Eastern Standard Time.

So hit that little Follow Button and enter my contest. 
Don't forget to let me know you did by leaving a comment.
If you already follow me, thank you. I love you. 
Leave me a comment and you'll be entered too.

If you blog about this post in your own blog let me know so I can thank you properly!
Of course doing so will automatically give you another entry.


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