Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Getting to Know Me Wednesday

Happy Wednesday!

I have been reviewing my blog. It seems awfully stuffy and impersonal. So I thought maybe once a week I would try to share something to help everyone get to know me. I’ll do my best not to go and on. I’m not that much fun.

When I was in high school I had a love affair with my glue gun. I loved that thing. My mom would say, “We need to think of a gift for Aunt Bren.” I would say, ”Let me get my glue gun out and we’ll make her something.“

My favorite use of the glue gun was making jewelry and hair accessories. I can remember getting a new shirt with shoulder pads. (Did I just age myself??) I would rip the shoulder pads out, because um, I didn’t enjoy looking pointy in the shoulders. I would use the material to make matching barrettes and earrings. I was so matchy it was insane.

I had one pair of spikey high heeled shoes that I wore for four years to every single fancy dance I went to. For the record, that was three dances per year, 12 fancy dances in all.  My auntie and I would pick out material, beading and sequins for my dresses that she always made me and I would use the scraps to decorate the shoes. I can’t tell you how many times I stripped those shoes down and glued something new on them. I would also make earrings, hair accessories, bracelets, etc. to match. My favorite pair of earrings I used poster board to make this big dangly shape. I painted the base this crazy scene to match my crazy dress and then glued beading around the edges. I used an old pair of studs to attached the posterboard earrings to my ears.

I was so ahead of my time back then. Oh the things I could have blogged about if only blogging were invented then J

Then I went to college and didn’t take my glue gun with me. Until recently, when my daughter was gifted one, I hadn’t touched a glue gun since high school. When she showed me her new toy all those wonderful high school memories came flooding back to me. All of a sudden I had visions of showing my daughter how to use it and all of the awesome things we could make together. My crafty mind was awakened and I swear I heard Angels sing. Ahhhhh!

For Christmas I used it to make gifts for all the little kids on my list. I am currently working on an awesome play mat for my younger two. (Inspired by one of my favorite blogs A Girl and a glue gun.) 

A girl and a glue gun

I will be sure to post the pictures when it is finished.

Last night I was so excited to be using my glue gun that I answered the phone,” I’m having fun using my glue gun, hello.”  It was after 9:30 and I knew it would be someone I knew, like my mother. I was right. It was my mother. We had a good laugh over it.

So I would like to take this moment to thank my auntie for giving my daughter a glue gun and bringing it back into my life. I feel inspired to create again and be crafty. I forgot how much I loved you glue gun. You are more than welcomed back into my life. I’m feeling a little teary now, so I will take that as my cue to wrap this up.

Glue Gun Lover,

PS My fingertips are slightly burnt from my glue gun and I love it.
PSS I am hoping to lose some weight because I am distracted from eating by overuse of my glue gun.


Laura Major (Learning Is Child's Play) said...

Well Ms "Kaci"... (Sorry about calling you Kim on my fan page, I have NO idea where I got "Kim" from?) That story was a Hoot!! I never used shoulder pads for crafting, but girl I was in to making my own earrings too! My Grand on the other hand used those shoulder pads all the time! She had bags of them, but never crafted with them....she used them to fill up her bra! She wasn't shy about it either, to anyone! She had hit on a good idea (for her) and wanted to Tell the World!
Thanks for the good giggles!

Kimbo West @ a girl and a glue gun said...

hot glue rules! don't too hungry...cause the glue will start looking appetizing...but it's it's hot. so that is just bound to be trouble! let me know when you get the mat done cause I would love to see it! happy gluing!