Friday, October 22, 2010

Crayola DryErase Crayons Review

A couple of months ago I made my kiddos name placemats. The idea behind the placemats is for the kiddos to have something to start writing their names. They are laminated. One side has their names that they can trace and the other side is blank. They are actually really cool and the kiddos love them.

We used regular dry erase markers with them to start. They showed up great, but they were a major pain to erase. Lots of elbow grease. Too much elbow grease. Not a fan of that. I found washable dry erase markers and thought I hit the jackpot. Not so much. They cleaned off easier, but the colors were very light and not as fun.

One day I was walking through our local Drug Mart and I noticed DryErase Crayons by Crayola. They were $3.99 for 8 large crayons. The package came with a built in sharpener and an E-Z erase mitt. I had little faith in them, but thought what the heck, I'll give them a try.

We have been using the crayons for a few weeks. They are great. They show up like regular crayons on paper.

The best part. They clean up so easy. My four year old can easily clean her name placemat. She actually decided to use a slightly damp paper towel to initially wipe it clean. Then she dries it up with the mitt included with the crayons.

When I clean them up I only need the mitt. I am amazed that crayons can be wiped up with a wet paper towel though. Below are the results of Lil Sis' efforts. Pretty good job!

I have seen them in drug stores. I am sure you could find them anywhere that sells kids art supplies. I know you can find them on Amazon. I posted the link below.

Crayola Dry Erase Crayons

These really are the perfect fit for my four and two (almost three) year old. They have no odor, they will not stain your clothes and they will not dry up. They are a great and in my opinion a superior alternative to dry erase markers. To be fair, I have not tried them on actual dry erase boards. Only things that I have laminated myself.

Note: I only showed one side of the name placemats, because I am making an effort not to use my children's names. I am going to make a generic placemat and post a picture of it. They really are neat and my toddlers love them.


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