Friday, October 22, 2010

Golf Themed Cake

On occasion I have been known to decorate a cake or two.
I don't do this professionally, just for fun. This past weekend I created
a cake for a friends husband that is really into golf.

Below is how the cake started.

Next is a side view of the cake.
I just like the way the layers look.
Nice crumbs on the table.

Now the finished cake.
I'm new to this blogging thing and didn't think to take lots of in between shots!

This cake is covered in green buttercream. The golf balls and the golf bag are made from white almond bark. The sandpit is crushed graham crackers. The little golf ball hole is an upside down chocolate chip. Sometimes the simplest things are the best! The chocolate cake is filled with a peanut butter filling. The yellow cake is filled with a white chocolate, marshmallow fluff, ginger filling. Sounds weird huh.

I was told it was delicious!
I hope so!

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