Monday, August 22, 2011

Candy Numbers Memory Game

Welcome to the wonderful world of Candy and Numbers.
Those are a perfect match right??
Of course they are.
I am starting out this unit with a memory game.
It's been a while since I included a memory game.
You will find numbers 0 - 12.
Question. 0 is important when learning the numbers right?
It feels strange including it, because I have noticed a lot of worksheets and activities don't.
Well I am :)
Cut out each individual card.
Turn cards facedown.
Kiddos should turn two cards over at a time trying to find matches.
If they find a match, they get to keep it.
If they don’t find a match they turn both cards back over and select again.
If they are playing with another kiddo, the kiddo with the most matches win.

If they are playing alone you could keep track of how long it takes them to find all the matches.
Have them try to beat their time the next time.

You could also set a timer and give them one minute to find as many matches possible. 
Have them beat their number of matches in one minute the next time!

Wow. This is a terribly long post for a simple memory game.
Have I mentioned that I over think most things.

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Candy Memory Game

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