Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Number Poster

We keep this is our three ring binder so that it opens with the pages facing each other. 
I will give the kids any small objects to count out and place inside the number.
Small objects might include small toys, erasers, candy, buttons, 
sequins, cheerios, basically anything super small.
It would also be awesome for a coloring project or to hang on a bulletin board for reference.
It looks great printed in black & white or color.

Join me tomorrow for another printable.
Did you know tomorrow is Thursday?
I totally was off with my days and missed my spin class this morning 
because I went to bed last night thinking it was Monday night.
I'm not use to vacation it messed up my internal clock. 
Wednesday Wednesday Wednesday
That's what I keep saying in my head! 
Have a great WEDNESDAY!

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