Thursday, June 2, 2011

Color Matching and Shape Tracing

The Color Match Sheets and Shape Tracer Sheets are pretty basic.
Along with everything this week, I keep these in three ring binders, three hole punched.
They face each other so that when they open my kids can see both pages at once.
They are laminated for repeated use.
Have your kiddos draw a line from the color word to the picture that matches the color.
I like to call out the shape and have my kiddos find the shape and trace it. 
Each word inside the shape is in color. 
Sometimes I have them match their crayon with the color in the box.
Not necessary though. 
Especially if you want to print the Shape Tracer in black and white.

Tomorrow I have three sheets of ABC tracing and number tracing.
Next week I will release my Fourth of July package.
I will do that over two weeks. 
We should finish up in plenty of time for Fourth of July..or the week leading up to it. 

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Erin said...

Thank you so much for these! I printed the shapes pages for my three year old daughter and she did today. She did it even better the second time, what great summer learning! Going to print the others now! Just wanted to say thank you for sharing what you put together!!!!