Friday, June 3, 2011


All week I have been releasing a small package of worksheets that 
I use when I don't have much planned for my kiddos.
I keep them in a three ring binder, laminated and three hole punched for easy access.
These are great for busy work right before dinner.
They can also be used as a mini-assessment.

This final set of worksheets allow your kiddos to trace 
upper case letters, lower case letters and numbers. 

Because I love all my readers I have them available in D'Nealian and Standard Print.

I know these sheets have been pretty boring this week.
But they are something I use so I thought I would share them!
I hope everyone finds them useful.

On Monday watch for Stars & Stripes Tic Tac Toe!
Have a great weekend everyone!

The Links
Trace The Letters/Numbers D'Nealian

You can find this here:

and here:


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