Friday, April 22, 2011

My hopeful Living room make-over

Mandi over at Vintage Revival is hosting a pretty awesome contest. 
She will come to your home and re-invent the room of your choice.
Check out her blog and look at all her transformations.
It's insane what she can do with practically nothing.
So I am throwing my hat into the ring.
As soon as you see my pictures you will know why!

Our house was built in 1880.
The woodwork is the original! 

This is my living room. 
It's like a blank canvas of bland. 
And I just noticed that one curtain is lower than the other.
The Hubs and I made the decision not to do anything with this room until our  kids were a little older and stopped doing things like coloring all over the walls and destroying the couch.  Our plan is to throw out the couch this summer and buy a new one. Hopefully! 

Let's take a closer look as to why I should win.
This lamp is probably 20+ years old. Lovely right.
The wall art is courtesy of two small children 
that I let live in my house.
You can tell I put a lot of thought and time into designing this corner.
These walls are screaming "Paint Me!"
This is a nice shot of the couch. 
One end has seen better days.
If you are wondering what is on the coffee table. 

That would be a lovely row of fairy stickers. 
This wreath is from our wedding. 
It use to be kind of pretty.
Before Lil' Sis became obsessed with the flowers and "picked" them all for me.
I have a hard time letting go.
I should have tossed this or reinvented this months ago.

So there you have it. 
My embarassingly boring living room.
How can I not win? 
This room is screaming for a make-over.
My youngest are three and four now.
They know better than to color on walls and jump on and off the couch. 
Plus my mother-in-law is no longer watching our kids at our house during the day.
We love her dearly but she doesn't know how to say no.
Stickers on the furniture and coloring on walls are things that she "let" happen.
Did I just blame my mother-in-law?
Oops. I really love her and appreciate her.
Really I do. 
I just wish she could say no and mean it.
Anyway, I feel like we can take that next step and regain our house back and make it look like two responsible adults live there.
Help me!

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