Saturday, November 27, 2010

Rudolph Color Match

The Rudolph Color Match game is perfect for a file folder. 
My kids love any games that match colors.

Match the colors on Rudolph's belt and nose. 

I thought this would be a good game to do a tutorial on how I put together a file folder game.

Step 1. Measure your contact paper and cut to size.

Step 2. Make a small tear in the contact paper. Pull the rest of the back off.

Step 3. I find it best to place my materials on the contact paper and not the folder first. 
This prevents air bubbles and creases. 
Once you have your materials in place, flip the contact paper and press on the folder. 
Repeat with the second side.

Step 4. Place the folder name and storage pocket on the front. I like to use contact paper on these as well. It keeps them in place and provides a little extra protection against my crazy kiddos.

Thanks for checking this out. I have lots more coming in the next week. 

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