Monday, November 29, 2010

Dinosaur Cake

Happy Birthday to my boy. He turned into three the day after Thanksgiving. No that wasn't a typo. That's what his sister kept saying. Bro, you are turning into three today.

So of course he had to have a dinosaur cake. I managed to snap a couple of pictures of the cake during the construction. I forgot to pick up my usual foil wrap so I had to use aluminum foil. I hate using it, because it is too reflective. But it works in a pinch. So my pictures didn't turn out so great. I have linked the site where I found out how to make this cake below. It was actually really easy.

Here is the naked body of the dino. I only needed one cake mix which I baked into two 9" circles. 

The head was not so easy to deal with. I stuck a sucker stick down the center of it to hold it in place. I even melted some white almond bark and tried to glue the head pieces together hoping it would help support it. You can kind of see the white stick poking up out of the head.

I started to crumb coat the cake, then quickly realized I was wasting my time. So I quit.

 Here is the finished cake. What you don't see are the FOUR sucker sticks that I ended up using to support that head. I had the entire thing decorated and the front part of the head fell off. GRRR. So instead of panicking and throwing it away I decided to dip the end of the head piece in the melted almond bark in hopes it would "glue" it back on. The I placed three additional sucker sticks right under the dino's chin and angled them into the body. It was easy enough to cover with frosting. Luckily it stayed put for the party.

The eyes and toenails are chocolate chips. The green and blue is buttercream. 
I used the star tip to decorate the entire cake, because it's easy and looks nice and neat.

Here's a picture of Bro blowing out his candles. The boy loved his cake! 
He had a great third birthday!

You can find the instruction on how to make the cake here:
They suggest you use a from scratch cake. If I am making a cake that requires me to cut it up and piece it together I usually bake the cake a little longer. The only problem I ran into was the head. The rest of the cake went together easily.

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