Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Parenting Fail #325

I love it when good intentions as parents come back to bite us in the rear.

We planted a tomato plant in a pot. Lil' Sis brought it home from school and I thought we should at least make the effort to grow it.

Well, not being the gardening type and hating all things related to yard work, I accidentally set the pot under the edge of our roof. This meant that when it rained for 21 days straight the water fell directly into the pot. In my mind I thought, awesome I don't have to remember to water the plant. Well, my mind was wrong. It was so much water that it couldn't drain fast enough. The stalk of the plant started to grow these white sprouty things from it and the entire thing turned yellow. Awesome.

So fast forward a month later and the plant is still sitting in our backyard. Lil' Sis was examining it up close and told me there were tadpoles swimming around in the water that was pooling at the top. When I went to examine it a little closer I saw little white worms of some sort floating around the bottom. I told her to keep her hands out of it in case they were parasites that would go up her nose and grow inside her brain.

Yes I said those words to my six year old. You have to know her. It takes scaring the poo out of her to make her listen to you. She hates germs and freaks out if you think about taking a drink out of her cup so I knew this would work to keep her hands out of it until the hubs could dispose of it.

Well fast forward another week. The plant is still there. Last night Lil' Sis came running in screaming and crying hysterically. Bro' was chasing her and she was doing everything in her power to avoid him. I thought he must be mad at her and is trying to hurt her. She runs to me, wraps her arms around me and says, don't let him touch me! Apparently Bro had touched the parasite infected plant after Lil' Sis told him not to. Then he proceeded to chase her to try to touch her with the parasites. He thought it was the most hilarious thing ever. Lil' Sis not so much.

Oops. My bad. Sorry Lil' Sis.


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