Monday, August 12, 2013

6 Layer, Ombre Cake. MY first wedding cake.

This past weekend my cousin married the cutest girl. I didn't get a single picture them with my camera, because I only brought my phone.  And the memory was full. Which means I only was able to delete enough pictures so that I could  take a picture of the cake I made them.

They served pie as the dessert for the reception, but they wanted a cake that they could cut for pictures. She wanted something simple and rustic looking. That sounded like something I could do. The brides favorite color is pink. So I decided to do an ombre color sort of thing with the layers of cake.

I made six layers of pink cake.
I had to dye each batch a little darker than the last.
I baked Friday night and wanted to assemble and frost the next day.
I had to build a cake fort for the overnight storage.
Here are the six layers all leveled and ready to be assembled.
The container next to the layers is full of the tops of the cakes.
Cake balls for next weekend!
Six layers of cake stacked and ready to be dirty iced.

Much better. That's a nice crumb coat.
This cake is suppose to be rustic, so I wasn't overly concerned about a smooth crumb coat.
Finished cake before the flowers are added.
I was also unable to center the cake on the cake board.
It's one of my many faults.

 Here is the finished cake.
I had a local flower shop make the flowers for me. I hated them when I first picked them up. I am not sure why I didn't say anything. When I saw them in the coolerI remembering thinking that had better not be my cake topper. When she pulled it out I wanted to puke. I know the lady knew I hated them. I should have spoke up. Oh well. They grew on me after a while. 

My biggest mistake with this cake is that I put sticks in the middle to support the flowers and to keep the cake from sliding if it was too warm in the barn. I cut the sticks right at the top of the cake. This was a big mistake because I was unable to press the flowers down into the cake so that they were level with the top of the cake. That's why they look like they are up kind of high.  Boo for me! No matter how hard I pressed them down they did not budge. So I made a super sturdy cake. Don't look at that cake board. Grrr.
Here's a picture of the inside of the cake.
I think I should have reversed the second and third layer. 
It was super delicious though. 
There wasn't any left by the end of the night.
I love making layered cakes, because I think I'm pretty good and getting them level.
I discovered rustic cakes are my faves.
You don't have to be perfect.
I can handle that. 


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