Tuesday, June 11, 2013


It has been quite a while since I posted pictures of cakes. 
Thought I'd do a little cake round-up from the past year.

This was for big sis' birthday when she turned 14.
She is a HUGE Hunger Games fan.
So this seems kind of fitting.
Simple three layer cake with buttercream frosting. 
I cut the mockingjay out of fondant and lightly detailed it with some black food coloring. 
You have to look closely to see the details. 

I call this next picture "Cake on  Fire"

This was lil sis' birthday cake.
She really wanted a doll cake. 
I took this picture while we were driving 45 minutes away to my parents house to celebrate the girls birthdays. (They are only 8 days apart)
I had posted this on facebook, because I sat it on the floor of the van and it kept sliding around.
I was nervous the cake was going to tip over.
Luckily it survived the drive!

I made this super cute cake for my super sweet niece who turned 2. 
Her birthday is right between my girls birthdays. 
So we had one big super party.
Everyone has to have their own cake though.
Those are real googly eyes on the front.
I thought they made the cake look super cute!

Lil Sis had to take a treat to her class for being star of the week and it was right around Valentine's day.
I just piped two hearts on the top of a giant white swirl and let her add some red sprinkles.
We placed the cucpakes inside clear plastic drink cups and wrapped them in a baggie with a fork.
This way the kids could eat them with minimal mess.

This final cake was a school project.
Instead of a book report Big Sis was allowed to make a 3D project.
She decided she needed to make it out of cake.
Can anyone guess what it is?
If you guessed the arena from Catching Fire you are right.
We used three layers of 14" cakes. 
Stacked them up. 
This cake is probably 7" tall.
She covered the outside with pretzel sticks to look like trees.
It's kind or hard to see all the details, but each section was divided according to the zones that were talked about in the book. 
The white stuff is cotton candy that is suppose to represent the deadly fog. 
It's kind of rough, but she recieved an A+ for her hard work.
For the record this cake was sooo heavy. 
But she didn't bring any home and that was all that I asked.
Apparently the teachers enjoyed it in the teachers lounge!

Here are some of the products I used to make this cake.

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