Friday, February 1, 2013

Broken Heart Puzzles Revisited

I posted this Broken Heart Puzzle Game two years ago.
So I thought I would go ahead and re-post it in case you are new to the blog and have not had a chance to download it yet. It was one of my most popular downloads. 

My latest download is a Broken Hearts Puzzle Game. 
There are numbers 1 -10. 
Cut out the hearts, then cut them along the dotted line down the middle. 
Your kiddo can count the dots on each half to match the puzzle pieces.

I hate to waste paper, and there are only two puzzle hearts on the second page.
So I added a small heart shaped match game to the second page. 
You get two games for one with this download. 
Print two copies of the second page to have a set for matching.

Let me know if this is useful. 
Do you like that I included the same number of dots on each half of the hearts?

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