Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Printables problem

My 4Shared account has been ":froze" due to a complaint that I did not follow copy right laws for one file. Honestly I have no idea why. If I had to guess I believe that this was possibly an error on my part in the way that I saved the file. Unfortunately 4Shared does not allow me to view the complaint or see who filed the complaint so I have no idea what the real issue is. I have permission from all of my clip art sources to use their material. I assure you this was not intentional.
I have already received a couple of emails asking me what was going on with the site. I am unable to email files to you at this time until I figure out the source of the problem. I take copy right laws and agreements very seriously and I don't want to put myself at risk. 
I honestly don't see myself continuing with new designs. As much as I would LOVE to, it really is becoming very cumbersome. There are so many steps to preparing the files and making sure you are meeting the requirements. And apparently even when I am diligent I still mess up. I know other awesome designers have given up their blogs. I was trying my best to not fall into this category...but it's not looking good a this point. 
I apologize for the inconvenience.
I know I have said this before, but if whoever reported my file is reading my blog, please please please contact the author before you report it. It may have been one simple step they overlooked/forgot or you may not know the full story behind the source of their material. I find it's always best to communicate with someone before you do something drastic like shut down their entire 4Shared account. That account had a lot of my own original artwork that I was sharing. I can't even access that now. The only thing you accomplished was leaving me in the dark wondering where I went wrong with no option to correct it. Not cool.
I am open to any suggestions that anyone has with continuing my blog. What would you like to see? More of my at home activities, art projects, craft projects, cakes, recipes? 

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