Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Large Beach Puzzle

Happy Wednesday.
Another blogger fail. This was suppose to post automatically yesterday. 
Seeing as how it's Thursday, obviously I failed at something.
Just a little puzzle to showcase some fun at the beach.
I provided a faint dotted line for cutting out. 
If your kiddos struggle with puzzles, you could print out two copies.
Only cut the pieces for one of the copies. 
Have your kiddo match up the cutout pieces with the other print out.

My kids love puzzles.
That's why I always include them.

Happy Wednesday!

My graphics are used with permission from Kirsten at Digital Doodles!
Visit her Etsy shop for great service and awesome graphics!

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Preschool Printables said...

Hi Kaci! Thought this puzzle would make a great summer activity and featured it at our blog, Preschool Printables! We were certain to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link back to your blog, but we'd love for you to take a look at it! Let us know if there are any problems!

Kayla Johnson