Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My new camera!

I recently was fortunate enough to get a new camera. 
It's a Canon EOS Rebel.
I am sure I have the name all mixed up.
I bought it through reburbdepot.com for the half the price of a brand new camera.
So far it's working great.
Well, I assume it is if I could figure out what all the settings mean.
Of course I just couldn't wait to use it.
I opened it and started snapping. 
I am going to take the time to actually read the manual this week.
I'm also going to look for tutorials on line and maybe a local class.
Here are a few of my first shots.
If you click on the pictures they will open in a new window.
You can really see the detail.
Lil' Sis' in her carseat.
I have to take a minute to point out that I am sort of a carseat freak.
She is 4.5 and still sits in a five point harness.
The weight limit for the straps in 65 pounds. 
She will sit with the harness until 65 pounds.
Then it converts to a high back booster until 80 pounds.
After that we can remove the back and use it until 100 pounds.
Staps are snug, the clip is in the right position and the seats are installed properly.
Okay, sorry. I can't help myself. Off my soapbox now.

So yeah, I'm super safe with my kids when they are in the car.
But I let them dangle six feet in the air on the play equipment. 
Bubble blowing. 
Lil'  Bro' 
Lil' Bro on the slide.
Like his super short hair?
That's courtesy of Lil' Sis.
She scalped him while he was doing the big job on the potty.
I found him with a piece of fabric wrapped around like a he was 
at the barber shop and Lil' Sis going to town with her scissors. 
We had to shave him close. 
This is three weeks after the fact.
Good times.

As i get better with the camera I'll share more pictures.
Maybe of my kids actually learning something.

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