Thursday, June 30, 2011

Fourth of July Star Banner and Bonus Food Table Tag

Howdy Friends!
It's almost the Fourth.
I have put together a star banner that spells out AMERICA.
Print the file on card stock and cut out the stars.
You can tape them to a decorative ribbon or yarn or fishing line...whatever you want :)
I had some space left over.
You all know I hate to waste space and paper.
So I added a food table tag to the last page of the star banner file.
It doesn't actually say Pasta Salad.
You can hand write the name of your dish. 

This will be my last post of printables until next week.
I might try to post some pictures of my kiddos that I took with my new camera.
Next week we start the Fun at the Beach Unit! 
I will have more details about this until at the end of this week!

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