Sunday, June 26, 2011

Color Cut Paste - Giraffe

Sorry for anyone that visited this page earlier in the week.
My major blog fail was forgetting to update a few posts before they actually posted.
This is what I get for trying to work ahead! 

This is my first attempt at a color, cut, paste worksheet.
I have provided all the parts and pieces of the giraffe.
Have your kiddo color all the parts and pieces.
Cut out each piece.
Glue all the pieces together.
I included a small picture of the giraffe as reference.

The Link

Official stuff about the clip art used:
My clip art comes from the cutest little Etsy shop.

I do have to say that my FREE printables are not for 
commercial use or to be resold.
But they have given me permission to use their clip art in my 
printables and share them for FREE with my readers!

Some more official lingo for the clip art:
Original designs created by PeachPoPs. All images, wording, and artwork COPYRIGHT © PeachPoPs.


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