Monday, April 25, 2011

Where'd All the Candy Go?

Is Where'd an actual contraction?
It stands for Where did.
I guess all the candy isn't gone yet, but it will be soon.
I for one am thankful that the Holiday season is over.
No more will I have to see the aisles and big displays of holiday candy staring me in the face as soon as I walk into a store.
By the time Easter rolls around I am so tired of candy.
Well, it's more like, I am so tired of being tempted into buying Hersey Kisses 2 for $4 and then keeping them in my desk at work at not sharing them with anyone.
So from now until they haul the Halloween candy out, which should be like July right, I will do my best to NOT eat chocolate.
I once went 11 months without chocolate.
I doubt I'll go that long...but I'll let you know when I cave.
Anyone else with me on the no chocolate pledge?
Happy Put the Chocolate Away Day.

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