Friday, November 19, 2010

My absolutely funny kiddos!

I read somewhere that most parents suffer from thinking their 
kids are funnier than what they actually are. 
I am pretty sure I suffer from this. 
I think they are stinkin' adorable and hilarious to boot. 
You can tell by the status updates I post to Facebook! 


Lil' Sis wasn't at all embarrassing at parent watch night at dance. 

It's perfectly normal to lick your toes during circle time right?


Bro's wearing a pink straw hat. 

That's it, just a pink straw hat. 

Oh, he's calling himself a witch?


Really Bro. 

Did I just have to tell you NOT to play on the stairs with your roller skates on?


How many times will Bro try his dads Hot Fries before he remembers that they burn his mouth? 

We are on try three or four now!


I just told Bro this is your left foot. 

And asked him which foot is this?(meaning the right foot.) 

His response, triangle. Boy, you're lucky you're cute.


Lil Sis just asked me for three bolognas. 

I said, how about one. 

She said, well maybe that will be enough.


Just walked in to the den to find Bro eating a jelly sandwich while sleeping. 

His eyes were closed and he was chewing.

 I startled him awake when I said his name.

 Now that's talent.


Just heard Lil Sis say, now close your eyes Bro and it won't hurt. 

That can't be good right?


Lil Sis just said she wanted to go see her Grandma Lou. 

I told her no, not tonight. 

To which she replied, " But she loves us and will open the door for us."


According to Bro, taking your shirt off means stopping to be a ghost half way through.


Someone was knocking on the door.

 Lil Sis looked at me and said, "Someone is knocking at the door you freak."


Bro likes to be called Dorothy.



Running out of milk at our house equals end of the world. 

At least according to Bro.


What a fun and busy weekend. Tonight we built a little fire in our yard and roasted marshmallows. 

S'mores were delicious...we had to finish up when Lil Sis wouldn't stop poking the dog with her roasting stick.


The adventures at Burger King continue for Lil Sis. 

Tonight she mooned everyone when she was running to the bathroom with her dress hiked up while pulling her panties down. I couldn't get to her fast enough!


Hubby took Bro to get his haircut tonight.

He fell asleep halfway through in the chair.

 I wish I would have sent the camera.


After telling Lil Sis to please not eat her boogers, she told her dad, but they are my favorite, like sandwhiches. 

For the record I have NEVER fed her a booger sandwhich.


Yesterday Lil Sis got to hold a live starfish. 

At dinner last night she told me she held the starfish and she didn't even squish it. 

Then she whispered, but I really wanted to squish it hard. 

That kid cracks me up.


I love it when we are the Burger King children's area and Lil Sis comes out with her pants off.


I am listening to Lil Sis and Bro play. 

Lil Sis keeps bossing Bro around. 

She ends every statement with "you hear me boy!" 

I don't think we say I'm not sure where she heard it.


FYI. Ruining an 11 year olds life happens when you forget to write a check for their yearbook.

 Said check isn't even due until Friday. Fun times.


Haha. Bro was playing with something of his Dad's.

 Lil Sis said, Bro you better put that back or Daddy will be a cow. LOL!


We are getting ready to go the mall.

Lil Sis insisted that she take her own purse. 

Guess what she stuffed it full of.

 Panties. Lots and lots of panties.


Who needs toys. 

Bro and Lil Sis are having more fun running around with socks on their hands. 

Just wish Bro would put something else on :)


Lil Sis and Bro were so excited for the two new toys we brought home today. 

Empty boxes!


Bro just hurt his toe and was crying.

Lil Sis told him he needed to go to Halloween and get it better. 

I think she meant the hospital.


Lil Sis said to me tonight, Mom I would like to stick my finger in the peanut butter.

 Kind of makes me wonder how many times she has done this without asking/telling me first.

Just realized after re-reading this post that I don't talk about my oldest daughter much. I will have to dedicate an entire post or two to her. She's 8 years older than my younger kids and is very much involved in school and sports and dance and 4H and well anything that anyone asks her to join. So please don't think I don't love my oldest. 

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