Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Beach Themed Cake

This cake was quite delicious. I made it last year for my oldest daughter. We'll call her Big Sis. 
The reason behind this cake was really because Big Sis loves flip flops. 
I thought making a flip flop cake was kind of gross so I settled for this. 
The flip flops and sea shells are actually made from candy. 
The sand is crushed graham crackers. 
The frosting is of course butter cream. 

Here is Big Sis with her cake. She was pretty pleased. 
Hard to believe she has had another birthday since this picture! 
Time sure does fly! 

Here's a close up of the flip flops. I only used two on the cake.
I had enough candy to make four, so I did. 
There's always room for more candy!

My two girls; Big Sis and Lil Sis. Lil Sis had a Wizard of Oz cake. 
 Their birthdays are only nine days apart. We celebrate both at the same time.
Lil Sis was going through a faze where she only wore that Snow White costume. We went through three costumes before her faze ended. She is one of those kids that hates to wear pants. We always joke that we need a pants tree for her. As soon as she comes home the first thing she does is take off her pants.
Her hair cut in this picture is self done. She's so fun! 

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