Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Superhero Lace Card & Size Sort

Two final Superhero activities.
The Lightning Bolt Size Sort and the Batman Lace Card.

The lace card should be laminated for sturdiness.
Punch random holes and have your kiddo thread the card with a child safe needle and yarn.
That's what we use at least.


Black and white sheets are next week. 
Then my Cute Animal Safari unit.
It is a mini-unit that will be released over two weeks.

My fourth of July until will be ready for release the middle of June. 
Hopefully that is enough time for you to plan it in your schedule.
The entire unit will be released the week June 20. 
Unless everyone complains and wants it sooner. 

I'll do a preview in a day or two and ask for opinions.

The Links

Official stuff about the clip art used:
My clip art comes from the cutest little Etsy shop.

I do have to say that my FREE printables are not for 
commercial use or to be resold.
But they have given me permission to use their clip art in my 
printables and share them for FREE with my readers!

Some more official lingo for the clip art:
Original designs created by PeachPoPs. All images, wording, and artwork COPYRIGHT © PeachPoPs.

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