Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Graduation Party Pack

Grad Party Packs

I am making a ton of cupcakes for a couple of friends graduation parties. 
Personally I like cupcakes better than sheet cake.
It always seems like there is a ton of cake left over.
In my experience that's not the case with cupcakes.
Usually there are very FEW left at the end of the party.
I'll let you know if that's true after the graduation parties.

I made a set of cupcake toppers for one party. 
I decided to go ahead and make a dessert/buffet table card as well.
You can't tell by my so amateur picture, but I wrote Chocolate Cupcake on the table card.
Hopefully you have nicer handwriting and something better than a ballpoint pen.
Where's my sharpie when I need it?

His school colors are blue and gold. 
Then I got to thinking. 
Why not make them in a few popular school colors and offer them here.
You never know a few people might need them.

I suppose I can sort of make it into a contest. 
The first person to comment on this post and tell me their school colors will receive one customized set.
Make sure your email address is included. 
You can tell me the names and other specifics in the email.
No need to broadcast it.

The Links are below.
If you use these or blog about them, be sure to include my button or leave me a comment letting me know!

The Links

All graphics used in this printables were created by me, Kaci of Little Piles Everywhere. I'd appreciate the credit if you feature them or use them in any way. They are for personal use only.


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