Thursday, April 14, 2011

Princess Dessert Table Tags

I have included two versions of the dessert table tag.
One sheet includes tags that can be cut out and attached to the front of a bowl or hung from a ribbon.
The other sheet has the same tag, however you can cut it out and fold the tag in half and set it on the table right in front of a dish. I included a very light dotted line for guides. 
I could only fit three of the folded tags on one page. 
There was some extra space at the bottom of the page.
Everyone knows how I HATE to waste space.
So I went ahead and made three small oval shape tags. 

If you are thinking what the heck do I do with these tags?
Well, you write things like Chocolate Cake, Veggie Tray, Mini-Sandwiches, Cake Balls, Chocolate Chip Cookies. 
You get the idea. 
It just pretties up your table. 

Tomorrow I will post the Happy Birthday Banner.

If anyone uses these I would LOVE to see pictures. 

The Link
Sorry these were for a limited time only. 
No longer available.

Official stuff about the clip art used:
My clip art comes from the cutest little Etsy shop.

I do have to say that my FREE printables are not for 
commercial use or to be resold.
But they have given me permission to use their clip art in my 
printables and share them for FREE with my readers!

Some more official lingo for the clip art:
Original designs created by PeachPoPs. All images, wording, and artwork COPYRIGHT © PeachPoPs.

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