Thursday, February 24, 2011

Princess Frog Counting Cards

Okay, I might be crazy but I think this is cuter than the princess hats. 
I love the frogs!
I usually try to post new activities on Fridays, but I just couldn't wait. 

There are cards number 0 -10.
I have supplied enough flies for about 25 clothes pins. 

You can cut the flies out and just have your child rest them on the card.
You could also attach one fly to a mini-clothespin and have your 
kiddo clip enough pins to the card to match the number. 
My kids seem to enjoy the clipping better than plain old counting. 
But they're high maintenance and require lots of stuff to keep their attention.

Please let me know what you think!
Are you loving this clip art as much as I am?
I might be super geeked, but I just can't help myself.

The Link

Official stuff about the clip art used:
My clip art comes from the cutest little Etsy shop.

I do have to say that my FREE printables are not for 
commercial use or to be resold.
But they have given me permission to use their clip art in my 
printables and share them for FREE with my readers!

Some official lingo for the clip art:
Original designs created by PeachPoPs. All images, wording, and artwork COPYRIGHT © PeachPoPs.

You can find this activity here:

and here:
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Elle Belles Bows said...

Another great printable! I am on blog break and have set my blog to autosend, but enjoying catching up on other blogs. We have been using the princess prints of yours. I took them to get laminated last week. Thanks and hopefully I will blog about it soon! Kerri

Deana Aumalis said...

WOW! I just came across your site and you have shared some very CUTE things that I plan to use in my pre-k class!