Friday, January 14, 2011

Writing Practice - Shapes

I have seen print-outs similar to these all over the web. 
My kiddos really like them and need all the help they can get with writing.
The first page includes the standard exercises for beginner writers.
The second page is full of shapes to trace.
The last box on the second page was purposely left blank.
You can use it for whatever you desire!

Next week I am going to post a package that would be ideal for a lapbook. 
I have to start thinking in terms of portable items for the kiddos.
My mother-in-law has been coming to the house for the past year to watch them while I work.
Next week they will start going back to her house during the day.
I'm a little sad about it, because I like the idea of them being home. 
But I know it's best for my MIL and I am more than happy to accommodate her.

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