Thursday, December 9, 2010

Blue's Clue's Birthday Cake

Nothing Christmas related today. 
I have made this cake three times. 
Once for Lil Sis, once for my number one nephew and once for Bro. 
I used a heart shape cake pan for the face.
The ears are made from sugar cookies.
I rolled out the dough and used a pizza cutter to free-hand the ear shapes.
I baked the heck out of the sugar cookies.
The nose is a cookie too. Not necessary, but sugar cookies and buttercream are the bomb!

Here's a side view. 
You can see how the cookies hang off the edge. 
The first time I made this cake the cookies weren't stiff enough.
Right before Lil Sis' party I found the cookie broke in half due to the weight of the frosting.
In this picture you can see where Lil Sis leaned into the cake and flattened the corner. 
Oh well, still tasted yummy.

More Christmas printables tomorrow.

My shapes package is about done. So excited to share it with everyone. Check back soon!

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