Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Boggle Jr.

Every Wednesday night Big Sis has tap class. It's only a half hour class so I usually venture down to Good Will to kill the half hour. I always look for the same three things. Pink dresses for Lil Sis, because that's all she will wear, cake pedestals, and children's books. This doesn't mean I don't look at everything. I mean it is an entire half hour.

Tonight I found two pretty rockin' things. Boggle Jr. and little girl Crocs in a size big enough that they will hopefully fit Lil Sis this summer. Woohoo! They even had little butterflies on them. Sorry no croc picture.

Here is the Boggle Jr. Me living in the cave that I do had never seen this game before. Lil Sis was so excited to try it out. It came with close to 50 cards. Each card has a word on each side. She quickly caught on how to match up the letters and turn them the correct way. She started out calling the letters numbers, but eventually it sank in that they were letters not numbers. Before I knew it she was telling me the letters and repeating them back to me. I was very impressed!

 Lil Sis is my goofy picture taker. It's hard to get her to smile nicely for the camera. 

She tries really hard to smile nice.


Random picture of Big Sis. She happened to be hanging out with us.
It's rare that she's around with her busy 12 year old schedule, so I have to snap pictures up whenever I can. 
She is very photogenic. 

So there you have it. My first awesome find at Good Will. Hopefully we will get our three bucks worth! 

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